Video-on-Demand/TV channels

InfoStar Interactive TV system allows access to current movie content for a fee. The licensed movie content is provided by United International Pictures, UK.

  • Licensed movie content with the latest Hollywood titles (Movie titles – up to 6 months after the official premiere)
  • Movies dubbed in 9 different languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish)
  • Monthly update with new movie titles
  • Different types of pricing option – payment of one movie or package which includes all movie titles “Parental control” by PIN code
  • Automatic genres locking in accordance with the type of reservation (in presence of under-aged

In addition to the standard VoD service, InfoStar Interactive TV system works with third party vendors for Hotel Smart TVs, such as Airtime, Private, etc.

Airtime is a cloud-based streaming solution that removes the need for on-site servers or set-top-boxes, eliminating the associated costs. Apart from a small activation fee, the Airtime service is provided free-to-hotel, with no ongoing content fees and no need for the guest to have a subscription.                 

TV Channel licensing

InfoStar Interactive TV system offers licensed TV channel packages including domestic and international TV channels in cooperation with local telecoms and operators. Through InfoStar hotel guests receive their premium home TV channels on the hotel room TVs:

  • Bulsatcom TV package (Sport+HD, FilmPlus, FilmPlusHD, TV Plus, etc)
  • Polaris TV package (ArenaSport1, ArenaSport2, ArenaSport3, ArenaSport4, etc)
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