Guest Internet Access/WiFi

InfoStar NET is an innovative software solution that offers hotels the opportunity to provide an easy, secure and reasonable broadband internet access to their customers. This service can be billed in a number of ways and integration into existing infrastructure is very simple. The system only requires a router-based broadband Internet access (i.e. cable, DSL, …). Administration of InfoStar NET is done by a convenient and multilingual web interface. Billing takes place easily either by Voucher or optional directly via a PMS System. The customer welcome page is available in numerous languages and includes terms of use.

InfoStar NET for Total Control!

Our outstanding and cost-efficient technology solution for hotels lets you provide timed and/or download limited Internet access to your guests.

With InfoStar NET you are able to generate so-called ‘Internet Tickets’ with temporal and quantitative restrictions for your customers. You have a user / password combination on the generated Tickets, with which your customers have a selected time period of access to the Internet. On initial access to the Internet the customer will be requested to enter a user ID and password. Should he/she not be in possession of an Internet Ticket, he/she still has the possibility to surf the Internet pages that you have declassified (for example: Hotel Websites, Tourist Offices, etc.), however he/she may not access other pages. Access not only includes surfing the web but also for example sending and receiving Emails, VPN connections, Internet chat rooms etc.

Plug & Play Technology

InfoStar NET utilizes plug and play technology to bring ease of use to a new level. This revolutionary connection eliminates the need to reconfigure IP settings on the laptop or PDA. The network uses the DHCP protocol (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or TCP/IP protocol to communicate with any operating system, regardless of proxy or DNS settings. Plug and Play-aware operating systems include all major systems, such as Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux, Macintosh, and more. Plug and play connection lets users access the Internet using a PC, laptop, or PDA without adding any new software.

Function Overview

  • Administration
    • Multilingual Administration via web browser (English, German, Italian, French)
    • Multilingual Welcome Page (19 Languages) incl. mobile device support and predefined terms of use
    • Individual Billing (time, date, data volume, bandwidth)
    • Time Rate (time based) and Flat Rate (volume based) billing
    • Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Support
    • Detailed revenue statistics incl. data export (CSV file)
    • Administration of all users incl. current balance
    • Permanent cost control for the customer
    • Automatic Online Update
    • Automatic generation backups (remote backup)
    • Free accessible web pages
    • Define web page BEFORE and AFTER logon
    • Different billing and welcome page per VLAN
    • Inhouse Roaming Support (credit can be consumed e.g. for wireless as well as wired connections without additional costs)
  • Modules
    • Bandwidth restriction per user for Upload and Download
    • Numerous PMS Interfaces (e.g. Oracle Hotel PMS, Protel)
    • Own, open PMS Interface for third party developers
    • Credit card interface incl. PayPal
    • Autologon Devices for permanent free internet access
    • Customization of welcome page
  • Flexible Accounting
    • Billing by time / amount of data / date
    • Flat rate: A flat rate scheme gives guests access to the Internet for a limited amount of time (i.e. 6 days) and includes an allotted allowance of download limit.
    • Time rate: The debiting from the time credit account takes place, down to the exact minute via logging in and logging off (for both telephone and modem access).
    • Free of charge (with or without Home Page)
    • Bandwidth management per user
    • VLAN based accounting
  • Surfticket Creation
    • Office Printer (DIN A5)
    • PMS Interface
    • Bulk creation (CSV file)
    • Ticket Printer
    • Credit Card
  • Real Plug&Play Connections
    • InfoStar NET real Plug&Play Engine
    • No configuration or software installation necessary on end devices
    • Supports all common VPN connections (e.g. IPSec, SSL)
    • Automatic Proxy detection
  • Security
    • Private VLAN Support (room / port isolation)
    • Integrated Stateful-Firewall incl. port- and MAC filter
    • SSL encrypted login page
    • Port forwarding (DNAT) for access to end devices (e.g. Access Point management within Surf-LAN)
    • Advanced HTTP Content Filter
    • SMTP Proxy (Relayhost / Authentication)
    • Advanced Logging of all relevant actions incl. data export (CSV file)
    • Continual adjustments according to legal requirements

The InfoStar NET Front Office Interface allows guests to choose from predefined Internet packages and book their Internet usage automatically to their room bill.

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