SiFly eFoil – the ultimate water experience

Be among the first hotels to make the dream of flying come true! Offer your guests the world's easiest-to-use e-foil, providing the ultimate water experience!

SiFly eFoil - the electric hydrofoil

The electrically powered foil board looks like a surfboard, flies over the water with the speed of a jet ski, is powered by a compact 5 kW electric engine and is one of the fastest charging models on the market (only 120 minutes). Completely Eco-friendly, the e-foil allows riders to hover above the water without support of waves or wind at speed of up to 45 km/h and for up to 1h 40m.

Тhe SiFly e-foil is suitable for:

Seaside hotels
Hotels near large water sources with calm surface water


  • Thanks to its innovative shape and size, SiFLy is suitable for both beginners and experienced adrenaline seekers.
  • Boards are with different sizes and volume, adapted for people of any weight and providing maximum stability for easy first flights without sinking the boards in the water.
  • The construction of the board is specifically developed for smooth take-off, smooth landing, and thanks to the unique design of the wings, the perfect balance above the water is easily reached.
  • The remote control has a safety feature that allows the engine to be shut off immediately when the trigger is released or the rider falls into the water. The design of the remote control allows beginners to easily use it as a handle of the board when learning to ride the e-foil.

Our electric hydrofoils

Hardtop boards

Inflatable & softtop boards

Remote control:

Application & CMS

  • GPS tracks visualisation
  • Profiles: private and business accounts
  • Statistics & rates
  • Board setup:
    • activate a board
    • pair a remote controller
    • update firmwares
    • personalise eFoil settings
    • monitor live telemetry data from devices

… and much more!

How will SiFly benefit you?

Opportunity for collaboration
SiFly offers a unique business partnership for aquatic centers and schools, sailing charters, hotels, commercial partners and sailing clubs.
Be Different
SiFLy boards are bold and engaging and will grab people`s attention with their bright design. The thrilling experience they provide will guarantee that your customers will always return for more.
Great return of investment
SiFly offers the best price-to-performance ratio on the market, which ensures you getting maximum return with the lowest investment
Beat your competitors
SiFLy offers the easiest board for teaching, the most stable wing set and the most advanced commercially-oriented software on the market. This ensures easier lessons for both your instructors and students, control over your assets and high customer satisfaction.
  • Wi-fi, Bluetooth and 4G equipped for trouble-free connectivity
    Wi-fi, Bluetooth and 4G equipped for trouble-free connectivity
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer for in-flight analysis
    Gyroscope and accelerometer for in-flight analysis
  • Intelligent battery charge management system for the highest level of security
    Intelligent battery charge management system for the highest level of security
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