One system, One supplier, one investment… Many advantages and opportunities

InfoStar is a TV, multimedia, information and communication system that is entirely IP based and uses the existing LAN network within the hotel. InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO, InfoStar VOD and InfoStar InfoSIGN are subsystems that can be installed separately or all together according to hoteliers’ requirements and needs. The systems are installed on one main server (InfoStar head-end server) and intelligent IP Set Top Box (IP STB) devices, connected to the TV sets available in the guest rooms and public areas.

The InfoStar server is used for transmission of digital TV signal, different information and multimedia content to guest rooms and public areas within the hotel, as for connection with the existing Property Management System (PMS) and Internet. The InfoStar systems are fully compatible with Micros-Fidelio, Clock HS and other FIAS protocol based hotel property management systems.

The intelligent InfoStar IP STB devices are Full HD receivers that are connected to the TV sets via HDMI cable. They are easily mounted on the back of the TV sets and are not visible to the guests. The InfoStar IP STB devices are compatible with all brands and models LCD and LED TVs with HDMI input.

The InfoStar systems use one universal specially developed remote control by which hotel guests control the systems and the TV sets. The InfoStar remote control is compatible with any TV brand and models.

Developed especially for the hospitality industry, the InfoStar systems meet all requirements set by hoteliers for functionality, security, reliability and workability, and remain modern and innovative throughout the entire renovation period of a property.

InfoStar Remote Control – Universal, Stylish, Luxorious and easy to use​

Eurodesign BG Ltd is partnering with the famous Austrian company for design and development of high-end luxurious remote controls – ruwido. The latest generation InfoStar systems use a remote control with ‘reddot’ award for best design, meeting the higher quality expectations of 4 and 5 stars hotel guests.

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