This is the moto of the modern man. This is the moto with which we created

To ensure its influence and to avoid being lost in the information flow, today, an ad should be presented in a fashionable and attractive manner. Modern man is used to search for and learn great amount of information. Recently, the digitalisation of everything around is a phenomenon, and with the advancement of technologies this happens more quickly. Every trader faces the challenge to adapt its products and services to this process.

As a result of these trends, the market of digital products is flooded with solutions for electronic advertising or information flow management. Usually, these digital signage systems require huge investments in specialised equipment or profound knowledge of complex software.

Start using a Digital signage system that will save your time and funds and will help you to achieve a modern image for your business.


INFOSIGN is a cloud-based digital signage system that you can manage from every internet-connected PC – anywhere and at any time. The intuitive system management allows you to create presentations by using a wide range of functionalities, depending on the needs of every business.


INFOSIGN is a powerful platform through which the information intended for your clients may be distributed to all screens connected to your account. They may be managed individually or in groups, irrespective of their number or location. The presentations you create in the control panel of your account may comprise pictures, videos, widgets and TV streams. The system’s functionalities and the possible subscription plans are described in the table below, and if you need any further information or demo, do not hesitate to contact our team.

The concept of INFOSIGN is that every user is able to manage fully and entirely their account and the displays connected to it in an easy and intuitive manner. However, if you prefer a team of professional graphic designers to take care for the creation and processing of your materials, choose the subscription plan INFOSIGN Creator.


Basic Unlimited Creator
Number of Displays 5
Number of Users 1
Presentations in Landscape Mode
Content Upload via Web Browser
Scheduled Presentations
Library with 5 Templates
Images Upload
Video Upload
Clock (digital/analog)
Text Editor
Presentations Preview
Display Status
Centralised Display Management (single, group or global)
Encrypted Communication (for data security)
Permanent Remove of Files after deletion from Presentations  (for data security)
Presentations in Portrait Mode
Library with 35 Extra Templates
TV Streams
Access to 4 TV channels with License for Public areas
Stock Exchange
Flight Info
RSS News
Web Pages
Full Screen Effects / Animations
Multi-User access levels
Live View
Custom Template
Content Creation / Materials Edit by InfoSign Team
White Label Integration Please, ask for а quote
Custom widgets Please, ask for а quote
Custom features development Please, ask for а quote


  • On the spot you just need a display available (irrespective of the make, model, size, etc., it is enough to have a free HDMI input) and INFOSIGN box.
  • The connection to the internet and to the system’s cloud-based server, respectively, may be ensured by means of Wi-Fi or Ethernet (LAN cable). Digital signage presentations intended for the respective location can be downloaded locally from the box upon their creation and afterwards the device regularly checks for updates.
  • If there is no internet connection, the display will continue working in accordance with the last schedule set. This will temporarily interrupt only the functionalities that directly depend on the internet (such as weather forecast, television, stock exchange information, etc.).
  • In case of electricity interruption, the INFOSIGN box will reload the presentation immediately after the electricity recovery.
  • The status of each of your displays may be monitored in real time from the control panel of your account.
  • We have thought about compatibility with professional displays where this is needed due to the application environment and the working conditions. INFOSIGN All-In-One Solution can be directly installed on a large range of PHILIPS displays that we can select, depending on your needs.


We tried to ensure everything necessary for you to start your own digital signage project quickly and without any obstacles. Depending on your business area and the application you will use INFOSIGN for, we can offer:

  • Standard INFOSIGN box with 18/7 operation mode
  • Professional INFOSIGN box with 24/7 operation mode
  • Professional displays with directly installed INFOSIGN
    (sizes 42”, 49” or 55”, 1920х1080, 350 / 500 / 700 cd/m2, portrait/landscape mode)
  • Kiosks and totems – catalogue of ready to use solutions or customised solutions 

  • A team of graphic designers and marketing specialists who take care for your presentations 

  • An option to develop customised functionalities


The following table presents a comparison between the use of the digital signage system INFOSIGN and traditional practices for content broadcasting on display.

How can you manage your e-ad?

Presentations from video and pictures
Presentations with templates and widgets
Presentations with vertical position of the display
Easy management of more than one display
Initial investment in equipment/ purchase of software small / no big / yes small / no
Easy maintenance for long-term operation
Change of different presentations in accordance with a pre-set schedule
Competent and professional consultations in case of problem
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