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InfoStar Digital Signage Software


InfoStar INFO is a new opportunity to update your guests with information and promotions in an entirely new way – attractive, dynamic and interactive. INFOsign system use the latest Eurodesign BG technology, based on IP STBs working over LAN network or WiFi. INFOsign system is compatible with any TV brand and model and is a very strong marketing tool for hotel in-room & public area promotions, bar & restaurants, shopping & business areas.

LG Standalone Digital Signage Software

SuperSign Elite-w

LG Digital Signage is committed to offering comprehensive and indispensable technology solutions with the latest digital products and features tailored to the particular requirements of commercial environments.

SuperSign is Handy for you

SuperSign Elite-w is a network-based solution for digital advertising communication. It is a program for the integrated management of the SuperSign Elite-w solution, providing support for digital media creation and management, content deployment, video play, and remote control.

Web-based Contents Authoring and Operation Solution

LG SuperSign Elite-w is a service that realizes an web-based all-in-one digital signage management solution.

You can transfer various contents and manage schedules through the SuperSign Elite-w without the restrictions of time and space.

By installing the software on the web server, the user can access the system everywhere there is a web browser and use the service.