Royalty Free Background Music

Daisy Multimedia provides a reliable solution for licensed background music for your business – hotels, public places and retail outlets:

  • Background music in accordance to your needs, requirements, clients and vision. Our background music keeps your customers in the right mood: calm, relaxed, chilled or feeling good, give your customers the right music, change it regularly & your customers feel right with your business which has a positive effect on your sales.
  • Reduce your costs for music content by using royalty-free music
  • Pre-prepared “Albums” with selected music and fixed duration
  • Convenient client portal for full control
  • Partitioned areas with independent playlists
  • Creating playlists that can be scheduled by hours, days and weeks
  • Periodical music updates and seasonal / theme albums

Music collections

Specially designed music collections and compilations suitable for business needs – hotels, lobby bars, restaurants, spa centers, fitness centers, common areas, etc.
Daisy Multimedia offers a new online platform for background music. This is a modern and reliable solution for easy and convenient administration of playlists with licensed music specifically designed for public performance.

A rich collection of music combining funk, electronic music, light rock and pop, jazz, piano, guitar and many more:

Acid jazz Acoustic Acoustic ballad Acoustic guitar Acoustic long playing Acoustic piano Ambient Ambient acoustic Ambient chakras Ambient chill Ambient flute Ambient flute music Ambient meditation Ambient native Ambient nature Ambient strings Chill-out Classical guitar Classical piano Club Contemporary piano Dark ambient Dark goa psybient Dark relaxation ambient Downtempo acoustic Electro Electronic Electronic dance Electronic house Electronic pop Festive Festive piano Festive upbeat Funk house Guitar Hard acid-lounge Jazz Jazz fusion Jazz pop Long acoustic guitar Long play ambient Long play meditation Long play piano Long play spacy Lounge Meditation ambient Minimal ambient music Nature ambient New age New age ambichill New age nature music Orchestral piano Oriental ambient music Oriental relaxation Pop chill out Pop styles with vocal Psybient ambient Relaxing ambient Relaxing ambient music Rock Sleep ambient Soothing ambient relaxation Soul Strings World ambient music Zen relaxation

Royalty Free Music

The music provide by Daisy Multimedia does not require payment of fees to collective copyright societies or organizations representing public performers, both domestic and international. It has established copyright and related rights – the so-called “ROYALTY FREE BACKGROUND MUSIC”.

The only fee to be paid is the monthly or annual subscription to use the music. Subscriptions include fees to independent authors / performers, music delivery in the appropriate format, and periodic renewal.

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