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Digital solutions tailored for your business

Influenced by the variously developed market, consumers are looking for new ways of shopping that meet their individual needs. Consequently, retail managers have to create different types of interactive shopping, competitive in this era of digital hyper-saturation.

Change of in-store atmosphere

The retail sector is undergoing a major transformation. The competition from non-traditional sources, especially cross-border online shops drastically reduces the margins of "traditional" traders.

The shopping habits of middle-class consumers and teenagers evolve in proportion to the widespread use of smart mobile devices and social media. Another significant factor is the global financial crisis, which holds the Retail industry in a state of ongoing recession. As a result of this radical transformation, the strict boundaries between virtual and physical shopping started to disappear.

Special attention to new consumer

Nowadays the consumers are increasingly driven by information and experience. They have more access to information channels than only a decade ago. The consumer’s habit to make an informed choice based on user experience websites with reviews and recommendations is increasingly developing. As a result, it’s becoming more challenging for retail industry to stand out from the competition. The atmosphere in the store has turned into most successful opportunity to build buyer’s loyalty, because consumers have learned to "reward" with comments and recommendations the merchants who provide them with an unforgettable experience.

How can Digital Signage help?

With all these challenges is imperative retailers to adapt by creating a clear differentiation of the atmosphere in the store.

  • They should target and diversify their marketing campaigns to achieve maximum efficiency of the message;
  • The in-store service should be simplified and the flow of information should be rationalized;
  • The economic efficiency must be increased by reducing the operating costs.

What do we offer?

ТWhile looking for a solution to these needs, our Digital Signage systems reveal to retailers a new world of possibilities that allows development in the modern retail sector:

  • Connection with various content sources to create rich information environment.
  • Communicating the specific brand identity through HD images and video.
  • Providing important and dynamic information about promotions.
  • Facilitating two-way communication between clients and staff.
  • Centralized control and administration of the content through web-based panel (CMS)

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