Sector: Restaurants & Bars

Trends in modern bars and restaurants

In addition to the variety of possible design solutions, managers of bars and restaurants show a growing interest in interactive systems that help them differentiate themselves from their competitors.

TVs in the restaurant become instruments for immersion in media environment that can not replace the excellent service to visitors, but can change their experience by presenting additional information in modern and effective way.

Unobtrusive communication with the guest

The creative managers of bars and restaurants are facing a big problem: How to inform the guest about everything that they want to offer, without breaching their comfort and personal space?

For the guest is also difficult to consider the various promotions and special offers, which may choose, especially when the environment is noisy or there’s a language barrier between staff and guest.

In order to communicate with their guests, the successful managers show an increasing interest in the possibilities for targeted broadcast of ads with creative and breathtaking HD images using local systems for content management.

Effective message in the right time

The interactive Digital Signage systems replace traditional printed or verbal ways of communication and advertisement which require special preparation, printing of expensive materials or additional training of employees.

Through creative deployment of displays in the interior and thanks to centralized management system, owners of bars and restaurants have the opportunity to prepare scenarios with broadcast set by day and time.

If necessary, broadcasted content can be changed in real time so that the dynamics of the informational environment can match the events that occur. For example, during a sports event which is interesting for your guests, the administrator can split the screen or minimize the TV broadcast and show some banner ads without interrupting the event.

Breathtaking Ultra HD video

Unlike older generations of digital signage systems, limiting the administrator in file size or compatible equipment, our solution provides unprecedented freedom in the choice of file format and video compressions. Info SIGN support broadcast of 4K HD (Ultra High Definition) content, have excellent connectivity with displays from 10 to 105 inches and video walls, offer opportunities for customization with Latin and Cyrillic fonts.

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