Online Fiscal Tax Management System

Online Fiscal Tax Management System

Eurodesign BG Ltd. is currently the biggest fiscal software solution provider in Europe and South America. For the last 3 years our company has installed and currently maintaining fiscal device management systems in many countries. Eurodesign BG Ltd., has participated and won several governmental consulting campaigns for implementation of management systems for improving the fiscal stability and increasing revenue income. We are nowadays the most wanted consultant when it comes to fiscal regulations.

Eurodesign BG Ltd. is the only supplier of Online Fiscal Tax Management Systems with GPRS connection from third generation. Our systems are compatible with the biggest South-European manufacturers of electronic fiscal devices i.e. Daisy Technology, ZIT International etc.

As a leader in fiscal software integration, Eurodesign BG Ltd. has the experience and know-how for designing and implementing fiscal databases, designing whole server layouts, breakdown of datasheets for effective monitoring and control of receipt issuing and etc.

The Online Fiscal Tax Management System is designed to record every fiscal receipt and transaction made from the tax machine. Once recorded, every bit of information is additionally encrypted with the help of specifically designed encryption module and crypto card which comply with the worldwide known SPC-CA standard. This is done, in order to completely prevent tax fraud and help the tax authorities to efficiently keep track of all the reports made by the tax machines. After printing a receipt, the tax machine automatically stores, encrypts and sends that data to the central server of the tax authority. Most of our customers are enjoying a simplified and efficient working process, together with 25%-30% percent revenue income increase for the first 12 months.

The additional encryption of the data is the latest and most innovative technology from third generation in the field of fiscal solutions. Currently, Eurodesign BG Ltd. is the only company in the world which has the experience and know-how about implementing such high level system installations.

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