Sector: Hotels

Trends in hotel industry

Every year, hotel guests are more and more so-called "Digital Native" - people born and raised in the "digital age". They are advanced tech users who appreciate mobility and flexibility.

Providing easy access to information

As a result of these new trends, managers of business hotels and resorts have to rethink the way they can provide an impressive stay of the guests. Nowadays the hotel TV should be much more interactive and full of information; to be customized for each guest; to give information about hotel services; to provide access to various e-concierge services.

Recognizing this trend, hoteliers point out the major impact of intuitive and easy-to-maintain media system on the atmosphere in the hotel room.

How InfoStar Interactive TV Systems can help?

The hotels require innovative and intuitive solutions for their variety of needs – InfoStar Interactive TV Systems provide them.

  • Modernization of the room interior by integrating a system fully customized according to the smallest hotelier’s requirements.
  • Improving the guest experience by providing all the necessary information for the stay in modern and efficient way according to his native language.
  • Wide range of services and options, that the hotelier can add to his "arsenal": personalized welcome message, sorting of TV channels according to guest’s nationality, interactive information about the hotel and the city, services and procedures booking, room-service ordering, live weather forecast and flight info, e-shop, video-on-demand with monthly updated content in different genres.
  • One remote: Control of TV set and all the interactive functionalities of InfoStar with single state-of-the-art ruwido reddot awarded remote, developed specially for the system.
  • Independent of existing equipment: InfoStar works with its full functionality on all kinds of TVs. It can be installed directly on a hotel smart TV or with a Set-Top-Box on any TV with HDMI input. Combined solutions are also possible, which makes the system independent from the TV renewal process. When using a STB, it can be hidden in the furniture or behind the TV.
  • Facilitating the hotel staff: We know how hard is to create and maintain a team of employees who can meet the high guest’s expectations at any time of the day. InfoStar simplifies and automates many of the staff’s time-consuming activities. The system offers real time billing in PMS, interactive reporting of room faults to the responsible department, service menu for billing of mini bar by the housekeepers, which guarantees reduce of possible mistakes and room maintenance time by over 50%.

Centralized administration

At any time, the hotelier has full and centralized control over the content in the system and can upload and edit information through an intuitive web-based control panel (CMS).

In parallel with the development of new features and the improvement of user interface our engineers offer clever solutions to reduce operational costs and to facilitate the technical support by centralizing and automating of the processes in each new generation InfoStar.

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