Topola Skies Resport & Spa selected Eurodesign BG to deliver SAMSUNG Hotel Smart TVs and install InfoStar interactive TV system.

Eurodesign BG will install InfoStar hotel interactive TV system on the latest generation SAMSUNG Hotel SMART TVs model EE590 in the new build part of Topola Skies Resort & Spa in Topola village. Thanks to the installation, hotel guests will watch digital tv with crystal clear picture and will have an access to all hotel services and other useful for their stay information on their language. InfoStar system has full integration with the Hotel PMS – ClockHS.


Aqua Paradise Resort in Ravda trusted Eurodesign BG to deliver latest generation SAMSUNG Hotel Smart TVs.

Eurodesign BG will deliver to Aqua Paradise Resort latest generation SAMSUNG Hotel SMART TVs – 40EE590 for all the rooms.


Grand Victoria Hotel in Sunny Beach selected Eurodesign BG to deliver latest generation SAMSUNG Hotel Smart TVs and to install InfoStar Interactive TV system.

Eurodesign BG will deliver the latest generation SAMSUNG Hotel Smart TVs – model 49EE590 and will install InfoStar interactive TV system. Thanks to the 49-inch screens in the rooms and InfoStar, the hotelier will be able to show the guests all the available services in a modern and effective way. InfoStar has full integration with the hotel PMS – ClockHS, providing hotel guests with comfortable and intuitive stay, as well as optimization of the hotelier’s management operations.


Katarino SPA Hotel is using InfoStar Interactive TV system!

The completely renovated Katarino Spa Hotel in Razlog, trusted Eurodesign and its latest generation InfoStar hotel interactive TV system. Hotel guests have great variety of TV channels provided by a local TV operator. The entire TV channels list is automatically re-ordered in accordance to the guest nationality upon “check-in” by the InfoStar interactive TV system. Through InfoStar the guests receive updated hotel information and can order different hotel paid services.


Grand Hotel Sofia with latest generation InfoStar Interactive TV system

Eurodesign BG successfully completed the upgrade of the latest generation InfoStar Interactive TV system in one of the best hotels in Sofia – the 5-star Grand Hotel Sofia. The cooperation between Eurodesign BG and Grand Hotel Sofia begins in the distant 2011 year with the installation of one of the first IPTV interactive TV systems. At the end of 2017 the good partnership continues with migration to the latest generation of InfoStar. Eurodesign BG is proud to have such long and successful partnerships.


Eurodesign BG accomplished new project in the Maldives!

Eurodesign BG installed the interactive InfoStar system in the newly opened 5-star Robinson Club Noonu hotel. This is another successful project for Eurodesign BG in the Maldives, realized again with the partnership of Infotainment PVT, InfoStar distributor for Sri Lanka and the Maldives. For the purpose of the installation and the  usage of the full InfoStar functionality from the hotelier`s side, Eurodesign BG has developed a special interface with one of the market leaders in the hotel management software – Protel.


Eurodesign BG installed the latest generation InfoStar Interactive TV (SetTopBox free solution) on SAMSUNG Hotel Smart TVs – EE590 series in the new built Hotel KING MARON. Beside the interactive TV system, Eurodesign BG delivered and mounted the Samsung TV sets, installed the sound system in the public areas and installed the telephone system in the hotel.


Eurodesign BG will install its latest generation InfoStar Interactive TV system in the new building 5-star hotel Araliya Green City in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. The InfoStar system will be deployed on both SetTopBox and SAMSUNG Hotel SMART solution. For the complete automatization, Eurodesign BG have specially developed an interface with the hotel PMS – Scienter. The Project will be accomplished together with Sri Lanka Telecom who provides the IPTV mustlicast streams and Internet in the hotel.


Eurodesign BG installed InfoStar multimedia and information system in hotel complex Sveta Gora in Veliko Tarnovo. The system operates on SAMSUNG hotel Smart TVs – series EE590, delivered also by Eurodesign BG.


Eurodesign BG installed its latest InfoStar Interactive TV system working on SAMSUNG Hotel SMART 690 TV series in the newest boutique All Seasons Residence Hotel in Sofia. The system receives encrypted digital TV signal from blizoo(Mtel) via coax cable directly in the TV sets. By implementing InfoStar system, hotelier offers to his guests a premium TV service without delay and preordered TV channel list in accordance to the guest language, because of the integration between InfoStar and Clock Hotel PMS. Hotel guests also have an access to promotions, room dining orders, guest survey and other useful for their stay information.


Eurodesign BG will install in the renovating Katarino Hotel & Spa, Razlog, latest generation InfoStar Interactive TV system. Hotelier aims to offer to guests a crystal-clear TV picture, ordering of different services via the room TV, information for all actual special offers and hotel services, as well as access to all the interactive part – guest survey, room dining, messages, shuttles to ski lifts, web cams of ski resort, etc. InfoStar Interactive TV system will have an interface with Fidelio Hotel PMS thanks to which hotel guests will enjoy a personalized content. Within the public areas, guest will receive updated information on the screens via InfoStar INFOsign digital signage system.


The boutique hotel Envoy in Belgrade, Serbia trusted Eurodesign BG to change the existing TV system with its InfoStar latest generation Interactive TV system on the existing LG ProCentric SMART TV series – LY760. Thanks to InfoStar, hotelier aims to improve the direct marketing of its value-added services, such as: offering the Envoy`s conference & congress center, massages, week-end brunches and special offers, as well as the outstanding Serbian cuisine which take part in the hotel`s restaurant menu with specially selected local specialties.


Eurodesign BG and the German Hotel PMS vendor Protel successfully finished the interface integration with the InfoStar Interactive TV system. The interface integration allows many InfoStar features to be run automatically based on the reservation details – automatic TV list ordering based on guest language, InfoStar menu language, Welcome Message, View Bill, Room Dining ordering, online shop ordering, Guest Survey, Sending Messages to Guests, minibar charge, room status change, etc.


On 12th of December opened the first store of the exclusive chain Philip Plein in Bucharest, Romania. We thank Global Brands Trading for the trust and the opportunity to deliver systems and solutions involving video survailance, wifi access and sound system in the store!


The new 5-star hotel in Banya – Hot Springs Balneo & Spa Hotel selected InfoStar for interactive TV systems in the rooms and Digital Signage system in the public area screens. The hotel will use the marketing and interactive possibilities of the InfoStar system to present the uniqueness of its SPA services to its guests.


Our Sri Lankan partner Infotainment will be demonstrating InfoStar Interactive TV systems at the Hotel Show Colombo 2016 at Booth # F1, BMICH Exhibition Centre.

The event will take place on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of July between 11.00am till 8.00pm.


Thassos Grand Resort selected Eurodesign BG for installation of InfoStar interactive TV and telephony system. Eurodesign and ruwido, Austria developed a special remote control for InfoStar IPTV for this project so that the guests to be able to change the TV source and to use different players and devices during their stay. Thanks to that feature guests can easily navigate through all the multimedia and info systems in the hotel using a single remote control.


The cozy boutique hotel Maria Luisa located in the center of Sofia was successfully upgraded with the latest InfoStar IPTV system. Hotel guests have interactive and info-rich system providing necessary and useful information to ease their business stay.


One of the best wellness hotels in Hungary selected InfoStar for their in-room entertainment system, including InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO, InfoStar INFOsign and InfoStar VOD. The InfoStar systems will be entirely integrated with the Hotel PMS (Hostware). The crystal clear HD TV signal will be guaranteed by UPC Hungary.


Budapest Airport Hotel Stacio Wellness and Conference, winner in the 4-star hotel category as “Hotel of the Year 2015”, selected InfoStar for their interactive IPTV system. The hotelier aims to present in а better way their ultimate services to their guests. In the hotel already operates the latest generation of InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO and InfoStar INFOsign systems.


One of the most expensive and luxury hotesl in Dubrovnik – Villa Dubrovnik already uses the latest generation InfoStar hotel interactive TV systems. For the project Eurodesign BG partners with Hrvatski Telecom (the Croatian subsidiary of T-mobile) for high quality crystal clear IPTV streams.


The luxury Croatian hotel Villa Dubrovnik trusted Eurodesign BG and selected the latest generation Hotel Interactive TV Systems InfoStar. The guests will enjoy InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFО, InfoStar VOD and InfoStar INFOsign.


Eurodesign BG begins installation of InfoStar interactive TV system in Strimon SPA Club, Kyustendil (Bulgaria).

For the complete convenience of guests, to the 5-star comfort of the hotel will be added InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar VOD, InfoStar INFO, InfoStar InfoSIGN, InfoStar CMS and integrated signal from the local cable television provider Cabel Zapad.


Eurodesign BG successfully installed the latest InfoStar interactive TV system in the outstanding boutique Belgrade Art Hotel.

Now the hotel guests enjoy the feature rich InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO and InfoStar INFOsign systems and crystal clear HD TV picture from SBB telecom.

For the project Eurodesign BG used reddot awarded remote control from ruwido Austria, to correspond with the signature interior design and to ease the guests with the TV and InfoStar system operation.


InfoStar Interactive TV system started working in the premium resort Amari Havodda Maldives, part of ONYX Hospitality.

Amari guests receive detailed resort information and crystal clear TV signal on room TVs via the installed InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO and InfoStar INFOSign systems, fully integrated with the hotel PMS.


Eurodesign BG will offer tо their most-demanding hotel clients the newest exclusive remote control of ruwido, Austria – „leaf“. The model has best of the best reddot award and was created as a direct result of the ‘thinsizing’ design and development approach of ruwido company. With its 2.97mm thickness the leaf has a silhouette thinner than a coin cell and is manufactured with high quality aluminum and carbon.


The new 5 star hotel between Goce Delchev and Ognianovo (one of the most beautiful area in Bulgaria) selected InfoStar for interactive IPTV system. The ultra-luxury 5 star hotel, part of boutique winery UVA NESTUM will use the feature-rich functionality of the new generation InfoStar systems to present their unique hotel, spa and winery services to their guests.


Hotel Radisson Blu Sofia started an upgrade of the installed in the far 2007 year InfoStar information system with its latest generation full HD interactive TV system. Thanks to the new system, hotel marketing will be able to present its service and facilities in an ultimate way, thanks to the tailor-made user interface and reddot awarded designer’s remote control of ruwido Austria. The new system will offer many new possibilities for direct marketing, such as dynamic in-room advertisement, room-service, online shops, transfer and booking options for hotel services, digital signage system for public area TVs.


Eurodesign and Grand Hotel Sofia started update with the latest InfoStar system for interactive HD television. Thanks to the upgrade, Grand Hotel Sofia will offer to its guests TV service with premium HD quality, direct ordering through the TV of variety of services like in-room dining, online shops, movie packages, as well as access to detailed information of all hotel services and useful information during the guest’s stay.


Eurodesign BG installed in Ruskovets Resort, specially developed system for online RFID access control, temperature control and energy saving. The system communicates in real time with the Hotel PMS (reservation system) and based on the room status manage the temperature and track each guest access.


Eurodesign BG started the installation of its latest generation interactive Tv system in hotel Kompas, Dubrovnik. The hotel is completely reconstructed and is part of the Adriatic Luxury Hotels. The interactive TV systems includes: InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar VOD, InfoStar INFO, InfoStar InfoSIGN and InfoStar CMS.


The largest ALH hotel – Hotel Croatia in Cavtat, nearby world-known city of Dubrovnik, already disposes with the latest generation InfoStar interactive TV system. The hotel has over 500 rooms and thanks to the new system will be able to present its services in a new and modern way, to optimize its operations, as well as to offer value-added services, such as movies, in-room dining, online shop, etc.


Eurodesign BG team is proud to have as a client another Dubrovnik pearl – the regal and old-world charm five-star hotel Grand Villa Argentina. With its 60 years history, for us it was a challenge to try to re-create the hotel spirit & service traditions in a modern interactive TV system. We would like to thank to Vipnet, Croatia for the crystal clear TV signal and ALH Marketing & IT Team support!


Eurodesign BG has started gradually installation of InfoStar CMS system in all the hotels using the latest InfoStar interactive TV systems. Thanks to the InfoStar CMS, the hoteliers will be able to manage the content in the system, will have access to detailed reports, can easily enable/disable manually different functionalities, etc. The installation will cover 20 hotels with over 3000 rooms and is planned to finish by the end of June 2015.


Eurodesign BG team is proud with the successful installation of its latest InfoStar Interactive TV system in the iconic for Dubrovnik 5 star Hotel Excelsior, opened in 1913!


The latest generation InfoStar Interactive TV system will be presented at the hotel show in Colombo, Sri Lanka between 22-24 May, by the regional partner of Eurodesign for Sri Lanka and Maldives – Infotainment.


Eurodesign BG, together with VipNet Croatia will digitalize the existing TV service in Hotel Lapad, Dubrovnik. The hotel will receive IPTV service from VipNet via the latest generation InfoStar hotel Interactive TV system.


After the successful installation of the new generation InfoStar hotel interactive TV system in 4 of the best hotels in Dubrovnik, Eurodesign BG continues with Hotel Croatia, Cavtat, part of Adriatic Luxury Hotels.


Eurodesign BG expands its cooperation with Adriatic Luxury Hotels with the successful installations of its latest InfoStar Hotel Interactive TV systems in over 500 rooms in the hotels Bellevue, Excelsior and Grand Villa Argentina. The InfoStar Interactive TV system includes: InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO, InfoStar INFOsign, InfoStar CMS and InfoStar VOD


After the successful installation of the new generation InfoStar system in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace in 2014, Eurodesign BG continues its cooperation with Adriatic Luxury Hotels in other 3 hotels – Hotel Bellevue, Hotel Excelsior and Hotel Grand Villa Argentina. For this project Eurodesign BG cooperates with Vipnet, who delivers over 100 HD TV channels over IP.


Eurodesign BG successfully completed installation of InfoStar TV system project for digital TV transmission over coaxial network in hotel “Mak”. In the new-opened Mak hotel in the city of Gabrovo was built InfoStar TV system using DVB-C equipment provided by one of the world’s leading companies in the field of communications technology – Kathrein Werke KG.


The Adriatic Luxury Hotels, Croatia selected InfoStar Systems for their high class luxury hotels. The pilot project is Hotel Dubrovnik Palace where InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO and InfoStar VOD will be installed.


Eurodesign BG and VipNet (Croatian telecom) cooperate to provide Adriatic Luxury Hotels premium IPTV service.


Hotel 88 Rooms, part of MK Mountain Resort chain in Serbia, selected Eurodesign BG Ltd. as a professional hospitality technology equipment provider and will install the latest InfoStar IS400 hotel system with the followith services – InfoStar IPTV and InfoStar INFO


The installation of the latest InfoStar IS 400 hotel systems started at Grand Hotel Velingrad. Hotel’s guest will enjoy crystal clear IP TV, useful and easy to navigate information menu and rich VOD content.

InfoStar hotel systems at Grand Hotel Velingrad: InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO, InfoStar VOD & InfoStar ACCESS


To ensure comfort and unique experience to the resort’s guests, Eurodesign BG will provide direct connection between the InfoStar INFO system and all web cams available within the resort. In this way the guests of Aparthotel Vučko will be able to see the actual weather and ski slopes conditions directly from the TV screen in the hotel room.


Eurodesign BG will install in the boutique SPA hotel Life Design in Belgrade its new generation hotel systems. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities for in-room advertisements via room TVs, Digital Signage functionality, PayTV module and crystal-clear TV picture, the hotelier aims to improve and to promote better its variety of guest’s services.


Eurodesign BG will install in the 5 star New Star hotel in Skopje, Macedonia the newest generation InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar VOD and InfoStar INFO systems.


Eurodesign BG installed InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar VOD and InfoStar INFO systems in hotel Galleria, Subotica, Serbia. Thanks to the modernization, the hotelier already provides to its guests a variety of international TV channels with crystal bright picture, in order to meet the needs of its guests. The installed systems also provide the hotelier with unlimited advertising and promotion options to attract guests to get use of the existing services.


Eurodesign BG successfully finalized the development of its latest generation hotel systems: InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar INFO and InfoStar VOD. The newest systems aim to deliver hoteliers with long term technology modernity and unlimited ROI opportunities.


The biggest resort in Dobrinishte – Ruskovec Resort chose Eurodesign BG for the installation of modern system solutions for digital television, VOD, Information interface and intelligent room systems for access and temperature control.


Eurodesign BG installed systems for digital television, VOD and information in 110 rooms of the main building in Metropol Palace Belgrade. The hotel guests can enjoy rich movie catalogue, high-quality digital television and detailed information about hotel services & promotions through the room TV sets.


Eurodesign BG installed RFID card system – InfoStar ACCESS in 200 rooms in Interhotel Veliko Tarnovo. Thanks to the system, the hotel will increase its energy efficiency and will provide one optimized and user friendly access system to the use of its guests.


InfoStar MOBILE – Hotel Orphey, Bansko.
“Now our guests can follow all events and promotions which we offer, thanks to the InfoStar MOBILE application”
Hotel Orphey management team
(Available for Apple iOS and Android OS users)


The new Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade, choose the professional service provided by Eurodesign BG Ltd. and their interactive multimedia hotel system InfoStar whit which to meet the expectations of their respected guests. The following InfoStar solutions will be integrated:

  • InfoStar IPTV – HD television
  • InfoStar INFO – Interactive multimedia information system
  • InfoStar VOD – Video on demand
  • InfoStar NET – Easy and secure access to Internet


IN Hotel, Belgrade goes MOBILE.
Eurodesign BG Ltd. has developed an useful MOBILE application for IN Hotel, Belgrade. Hotel’s guests can download the freshly released MOBILE application and stay updated with the latest hotel offerings – anytime, anywhere.
(Available for Apple iOS and Android OS users)


Zira Hotel, Belgrade MOBILE application is here!
Now hotel guests can download and enjoy the free mobile application InfoStar MOBILE which was specially developed according the hotel’s needs and standards.
(available for Apple iOS and Android OS users)


Eurodesign BG will develop and support hotel mobile application for In Hotel, Belgrade. Thanks to the application, Zira Hotel management team will be able to reach their clients no matter of their location and to share topical information about all offered services and promotions anytime, anywhere.


The latest interactive system InfoStar HD was installed for the first time in the 4 star Stara Planina Hotel & SPA in the Serbian winter resort Stara Planina. The system includes InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar VOD and InfoStar INFO. Now the hotel guests will have access to exclusive movie content, actual weather forecast, information regarding the ski and snowboard slope conditions within the resort, as well as detailed information for all offered services and promotions… all available in HD quality.


Eurodesign BG will develop and support hotel mobile application for Zira Hotel, Belgrade. Thanks to the application, Zira Hotel management team will be able to reach their clients no matter of their location and to share topical information about all offered services and promotions.


The project will be deployed on several stages till all 200 rooms are covered. InfoStar ACCESS will replace the existing “standard key” system with a modern RFID online solution with a Fidelio interface.


On the occasion of the grand opening of the biggest golf resort in Bulgaria, Eurodesign’s team developed and implemented new interface, specially designed according to Thracian Cliffs’s brand standards.

InfoStar INFO, InfoStar VOD and InfoStar IPTV systems are taking care of the guests’ in-room entertainment and comfort within the resort.


InfoStar 2011 will be presented for the first time at one of the most prestigious events in the hotel industry for technologies and innovations – IHTF. The system offers full HD picture and entertainment to the guests. Hoteliers will have an awesome multimedia possibilities and opportunities to present their services and brand on the TV sets in the rooms and public areas.


Eurodesign BG successfully installed in the 5 star sport complex “Football House” in St. Pazova, 30km north from Beograd. The unique for the Balkans sport complex of the Serbian football association trusts Eurodesign BG to provide digital television in the hotel TVs, as well as the systems for interactive services and information – InfoStar INFO and InfoStar VOD.


The prestigious five star Grand Hotel Sofia will replace the existing TV, movies and information modules with Eurodesign BG’s systems InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar VOD and InfoStar INFO. The installation will follow the already operating InfoStar NET system for internet traffic control and billing which was implemented earlier this year.


Interhotel Veliko Turnovo choose EuroDesign BG Ltd. solutions and implemented two of our systems: InfoStar TEL (high quality VoIP telephone system) and InfoStar ACCESS (access control system). With both systems all communication, security and accountancy needs within the hotel are covered.


InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar VOD and InfoStar INFO will be installed in the new 4 star hotel in the new Sport Center Football Association of Serbia.


Teleadapt – one of the leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity products for the hotel industry trusts Eurodesign BG to offer their portfolio at the Bulgarian market.


Grand Hotel Sofia trusts to Eurodesign BG LTD for the installation of its newest InfoStar NET system for Internet connectivity, management and billing. The solution will secure the very high requirements to both the hotelier – for total Internet traffic control in the hotel, and the guests – for high speed and secure Internet connection.


Eurodesign BG LTD installed a hybrid digital TV system in Hilton Sofia. The solution employs the newest InfoStar IPTV ED4x servers and Blankom B-nova equipment for IP to DVB-C streaming. The hybrid solution uses the existing coax network and gives a great opportunity for future easy installation of IP based value added services like VOD, interactive and booking services.


Eurodesign BG LTD released its new generation InfoStar NET system for total Internet traffic control and billing.

Eurodesign BG LTD now offers its new generation InfoStar NET system. The solution provides an easy configuration and total control of the Internet traffic within the hotel.

For more information, please visit InfoStar NET.