Document readers

Document readers

Eurodesign offers selection of devices from the large range of ID reader and scanner solutions by the global leader 3M. The main objective of these innovative solutions for identification and authentication is to transform the operational efficiency in the field of collection and processing of personal data. This allows employees to focus on engagement with customers or improve the quality and speed of service. Automating the process helps to reduce the possibility of mechanical errors in busy and demanding environments such as hotels, casinos, hospitals, administrative buildings, banks. According to the characteristics and type of the extracted information, the devices are mainly divided into:
  • Swipe readers: acquire the code-line data from Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) and other ICAO compliant documents
  • Full-page readers: scan and read all information from the page; option for authentication

Swipe readers

CR100 is a compact device for reading data from the Machine Readable Zone of ID cards, passports and other ICAO compliant documents. The reader is small in size and weight and can be easily fixed to a desk or attached to a keyboard, monitor, etc. It offers quick and accurate data capture with bi-directional document scanning for additional ease of use. Using extra element (CR100M), the same device can also read and write information on documents with magnetic stripe, such as access cards, club / credit cards, etc. The reader is powered via USB only from the connected computer without any additional cables.

Full page readers

The range of full-page scanners includes various devices by their functionality – depending on the type of the required information and field of application.

The compact reader CR5400 simultaneously scans with high resolution both sides of documents in format ID1. For retrieving all the information are needed less than 4 seconds. Meanwhile check of ID authenticity is performed by illumination in the visible, IR and UV spectrum.

Device status can be easily seen thanks to the LED indicator around the card slot and after completion of the process, the card is ejected automatically.

Upgradable with features such as RFID and magnetic stripe data reader.


QS1000 and AT9000 are designed for cases where it’s necessary to scan not only ID1 cards. They work with any type and size of identity documents, 2D and 3D barcodes. The scanner recognizes when document is placed in the reading area and the process starts automatically. In addition to traditional documents, those 3M scanners work with electronic documents / tickets / vouchers by reading information from the mobile device display.

The main difference between QS1000 and AT9000 is the level of authenticity check of the document.

type of deviceswipe readerdouble sided ID1 readerfull page readerfull page reader
type of documentsID cards, passports, visasID1 cardsallall
type of informationICAO Standard ID Machine Readable Travel Documentsall dataall dataall data
RFID readernoyes (optional)noyes (optional)
barcode readernononoyes (from paper & mobile device)