Car Charging Stations


Eurodesign BG selected Etrel’s top-quality AC charging stations to service its high-quality demanding clients. Etrel’s car charging systems are able to charge one or two vehicles, suitable for Hotels, Restaurants & Bars and any other business and personal use. They are designed as a part of larger networks with connectivity to control systems and the power grid. A special emphasis is placed on aesthetically pleasing and highly practical design which simplifies installation, maintenance, and use. Optimize your costs, reduce emissions, and enjoy other benefits when you provide EV charging as a part of your business.


Enter the growing business of electric vehicle charging

Etrel Ocean offers everything needed as the most cutting-edge charging infrastructure owner or e-mobility service provider. It is available for purchase as a licence or as a hosted cloud application. Etrel can also provide assistance in integrating Ocean it with your current ICT system. Using our one-stop solution you will connect your operators with charging stations and your end users with international charging network where you will be able to run everything ranging from maintenance on the field to billing of charging services.